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Barbell Free-Spotter $129.95 store

Dumbbell Free-Spotter $159.95 store

Ironmaster Quick Locks Free-Spotter KIt $129.95 store

Swiss Bar Free-Spotter $145.00 store

Standard Dumbbell Handles, custom length $52, $57 store

8 plates - $30.00 store

Olympic Plate Adapter $5 each store


free weight

self spotters


custom dumbbells

Specializing in full free-range-of-motion self spotting equipment

made in USA

Rope mounting kits store

Getting Familiar with the Free-Spotter

The Free-Spotter is a unique self spotter that provides full range of motion in all direction, lifts can begin or end at any point in the lift, and no unracking and reracking is required. To find out more:

How it works

An animation

Comparison to smith machines and power racks

Comments and videos

Mounting Methods

Ceiling beams/joists

Finished ceiling

Power racks

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Lifting heavy at home alone?

Upgrade your safety margin, with no linits on range of motion, by adding a Free-Spotter.

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